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Terms and Conditions for Vendors


After an item from you (a subshop) gets ordered you receive an email with his data.
When you sent the item you need to send us a copy of your tracking number.
This is very important because otherwise we cannot verify that everything is okay.
Please always send it with a tracking number.


If the package arrived and the customer is satisfied we either transact the money to your bank or send it via PayPal.
You Receive 95% of the total price stated in an order. Shipping is only added to the total if the subshop configured this.
Otherwise we don’t pay shipping. As example when multiple items get ordered but shipping is just payed once because the subshop forgot.
If the order has been paid by a customer with either credit card or paypal the subshop has to pay for the fees.
For credit card and paypal it’s 4 percent(91%), sofort-überweisung 2 percent(93%) and bank transaction has no additional fees(95%).